The Dicus Firm prides itself on being one of the top criminal justice attorneys in the region.  Our clients not only appreciate the results from our cases, but the level of integrity and truthfulness we carry with them from the beginning to the very end of their legal journey.  Whether you are in need of criminal defense of any level or are pursuing legal action, Terry Dicus has a plan of action for your case.  With firm questioning and interrogation against your opposition in the courtroom, Dicus brings justice in your favor.  Our research and development of your case is exceptional and provides the jury and judge the appropriate information needed for a successful outcome.

As a criminal defense lawyer Terry Dicus is also an experienced negotiator and has the type of courtroom demeanor that is dramatic when necessary and never threatened by the opposition.  His perseverance is dogmatic throughout your case with his sharp analytical skills as he is able to make quick decisions at any moment during litigation.  Dicus genuinely cares about his clients and is on good terms with legal officials.


Do I really need a criminal defense lawyer?

If you are in need of criminal defense, the best chance you have at keeping a clean criminal record at the end of your case is by obtaining the appropriate legal representation with a fighter that cares about you.  A poor criminal history can cause you much grief for the rest of your life depending on the severity.  At the very least, decreasing the penalties can protect you from excessive fines or time behind bars.

One of the most important reasons for acquiring the services of Terry Dicus is his ability to discover frail points in the prosecution’s case.  Many times, there are gaps in evidence that are unseen by an individual unaware of the law.  This can prove to be a crucial moment in your case to protect you from a conviction based on less than proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  Dicus will utilize power point presentations, photographs, diagrams, enhanced audio and video, whatever is necessary to provide you with the best possible defense.

The process of criminal defense

If you have not officially been charged with a crime, but are currently under investigation, now may be a good time for you to obtain the services of The Dicus Firm.  The truth will unfortunately not always set you free in the justice world, as an innocent admission of events surrounding the investigation may be all that law enforcement is seeking.

If you have indeed committed a crime and you wish to take responsibility for it, having a criminal defense attorney to assist you with the process of plea bargaining can be a huge benefit.  The Dicus Firm is experienced in obtaining reduced charges, sentence times, and fines.  Terry Dicus works diligently for all clients and their criminal cases to achieve an outcome that will allow the client to get back on track and put their mistake behind them.

Areas of Criminal Defense

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