Most family law issues are sensitive ones, so the best personal trait of your family attorney is one who understands family.  We take the necessary time to dive into depth with you regarding your case, expressing patience and persistence at the same time.  With Dicus as your legal representation, you will not only feel strong-minded, but you will likely feel comfortable to open up and get your biggest questions and fears answered.  Dicus is a passionate and dedicated family lawyer that believes no family should suffer due to animosity between the parties.

A great family lawyer is never judgmental of your case, no matter how unique it may be.  The top priority here is your successful outcome.  As you converse with us about the details of your situation, we have an open mind and speak to you in a frank manner about your rights and responsibilities as you move forward.  Our approach to your case is one where we learn of your objectives and goals, and then we work tirelessly to have those goals met.

Why do I need a family lawyer?

Being that almost half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, it is not a simple issue nor one that is going away soon.  There could be a drastic disparity between what you receive in a divorce suit compared to what you could have received.  Whether it be custody rights, child support, division of marital assets and debts or other divorce related results, these matters will be handled aggressively in court.  It is vital that you have an experienced attorney at your side to bring justice and favor in your outcome.

We are also experienced to assist you with an official will that includes you, your spouse, children, or any other family members.  Scheduling a legal consultation regarding who should inherit your estates will save your family from stress and disputes in the future.

Legal Consultation

Perhaps you are considering divorce but have many questions on the process and aftermath of splitting away from your spouse or partner.  Maybe you have questions regarding domestic violence or personal injury that you have received and have many fears on how to break away and yet be protected.  The Dicus Firm is here to assist you in all subjects regarding family law.  Subjects such as child support payments, visitation, custody rights, and other related areas are our strengths.  We are very clear and transparent about how we can help you during your courtroom litigation.

During your pre-trial period, we will thoroughly explain the strategy we intend to use and a projection of how long it may take to get your case resolved.  This is the time we will also go over fees and estimate your costs.  On the day you hire us you will know exactly how much your attorney fees will be as we only handle cases on a flat fee basis.

We are also available for interview should you need to ask enough questions regarding your potential case prior to choosing us as your legal representation.  We understand how critical the matter is for you, and your successful outcome is equally important to us.

Areas of Family Law


Custody Rights

Child Support

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements



Estate Planning

Asset Protection

Contempt & Enforcement